Today is Trivia Day, and people posted all sorts of great trivia on Facebook today, so each time one came up I read it to Alex and she pretended to care. That wasn’t much of a celebration though. So, I researched and found that this was also Spaghetti Day. Well. I can promise you that Alex does NOT like red sauce…or noodles.

So, I also found that this month is “Get Organized Month”. Now THAT is a celebration I can stand behind! So, I decided that my hall closet was the best place to start since it is my catch-all for everything, including massive dust-condos (bunnies are too cute to describe the dust wads I find in that closet). So, everything came out, and if I hadn’t used it in a year, I had Alex walk it to the trash can for me. It may sound like an exceptionally boring job, but every time I asked if she wanted to help Momma, she would bow and say “Yes your majesty”, and I liked seeing it so much that I threw away some things that may have actually come in handy some day. Oh well. She was cute, and my closet looks fabulous!

And, putting Alex to bed tonight was a delight because when I said good night, she said it back again, but this time, when I told her “I love you so much” as I was kissing the top of her head, she said, “I love you too much” Yeah. I’m gushing because she is so great and I am just so blessed.  I know that Alex is a miracle and that I never expected to get to have her in my life at all, and now that I have her, I just thank God every day for her. She is such a blessing. How many other people can make cleaning a closet an act of royal-ness?


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